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Life & Home docuMOP

How docuMOP came about, a word from our Founder

Business docuMOP

  1. Be prepared for that dreaded call while on vacation... "We've got a problem!"
  2. Training New Employees
  3. When President Carter's Secret Service agents explained they could get him aboard Air Force One from any location in 5 minutes he said, "Ok, Go". It took a lot longer than 5 minutes. You don't want that same delay in action and result when you are called upon to "Go". You and your organization need to be prepared when minutes count and docuMOP is that preparation.
  4. "I sure don't want to say, "I don't know" to the boss and their boss if something goes wrong". docuMOP lets you know by organized planning and documentation in advance.
  5. In times when things are going less than well you don't want to have to be figuring out what to do for a response. You want a plan that can be followed right away. Planning while reacting often leads to negative unforseen consequences. With docuMOP you're planning and action steps are already developed. You just put your docuMOP plans into practice at these urgent moments.
  6. Ahhh....The Peace of Mind that comes when you are ready for anything.

Additional Business Offerings

docuMOP - Your Most Important Tool! You might not know that yet, but you will!

Your Personal Assistant For Business or Home

Business and Home Life is Busy and Hectic! You already know this. Keeping track of everything is a challenge. docuMOP is here to solve that challenge. docuMOP is your simple, interactive, solution to having the information you need with you when you need it. For home, use it for names, numbers, items you have or buy, features of your house. For business, use it for documentation of facilities and procedures and more. It's customized to YOU and that sets it apart from one size fits all documentation and reference libraries. The day will come when your docuMOP quickly provides an answer you otherwise would have searched hours for and you'll be hooked and proud you have docuMOP.

docuMOP is your personal assistant that simply does not forget. It has life safety information always available. Using it develops the household or business inventory you keep putting off. Mostly, it brings Peace of Mind to those that use it. Selling your house, wouldn't it be a nice selling feature to pass on a listing of paint colors, tile and grout colors, HVAC make and model who serviced it in the past and when? Passing on this information may be just the item to close the sale! For Business, training a new or backup person is easy with docuMOP.

These lists could go on and on forever.

Key docuMOP Features

Let us set up you docuMOP today. We don't set it up and forget you. The docuMOP organization stays with you keeping it up to date. We take care of that, you're busy. Have something new, have something serviced, find a new checklist, just send it to us via your Site Maintenance Link and its added to your docuMOP. You can then forget about it till you need the information later. docuMOP takes care of the technical part. No worry or hassle on your part.

Think it is expensive to have docuMOP on your side as a tireless assistant. Think again. Packages for home are under $100. And your docuMOP is always accessible stored away from your home should something terrible happen there.

We hope a docuMOP is in your future, you'll love it!

Sample Screens for a Life & Home docuMOP